The Sparkly Clean House

Once there was a half messy and a half clean family. Henry and Bella were siblings. They had a dog called Stella. Henry, Bella and Stella were the messy ones in the house so that meant that Mum and Dad were the clean ones in the house.

One day Bella’s Mum came in Bella’s room, and mum said ; “what a horrible mess! “She was terrified. So she said; “Bella, came and clean your room.””but mum,i am to busy watching video games.”Bella replied.” Come here Bella and clean your room, Said Mum crossly. So Bella came and started cleaning.

So now Mum went to Henry’s room. It was an even bigger mess. So Mum said; “Henry, come here right now and clean your room.” Mum was always angry at Henry because he never listened to Mum or Dad.

So that evening the kids cleaned their rooms. Then mum started cleaning Stella the dogs bed. It was the messiest of all.

The next day the house was sparkly clean. That day they went to the park to play so they would not make a mess. So that night they celebrated and had a big feast because the house was clean.

So from that day when they played they cleaned up after them self straight away.


Books Vs TV

Reading interesting books is better than watching boring TV  because it is lodes healthier. Watching TV can ruin some of your good eye sight and you might need to wear terrible but useful glasses.

Another reason is that fantastic non-fiction books can help you learn about interesting people, places and other things. Fiction books have incredible made up stories and they can have interesting, fun, exiting and surprising.

Also, when you read you see new words and that can help you with your writing and spelling. It’s good to be cleaver.

My last reason is that you will know more words and you will be more clever than people who watch TV all day. So my reasons why i think reading is better than TV is that you will be more healthier, it helps you with your spelling and writing and you will learn more words.

All About Me

Hi my name is Olivia. I am in grade 4.


some of my hobbies are mountain bike riding, playing the clarinet and favourite subject at school is personal writing. I love the series of called Billie B Brown. I go to polish school and i do polish dancing. I am learning how to play the piano.

I hope you like my blog and please visit my blog when you can.