December 16


Grumpy. Silly. Funny. Kind. Happy.

Lee is a funny teacher that makes funny jokes. (sometimes)

Some people go ha ha ha   at most jokes.

He wears glasses or contact lens, black shoes and no beard or moustache.


Sometimes he’s the grumpiest teacher I can think of.

Sometimes he’s the kindest teacher I can think of.

And sometimes he’s just silly and funny.

Grumpy. Silly. Kind. Happy.

December 9


We were learning how to use  short and long sentences. This is what I wrote.

Christmas. Best time of year. Fun. Presents.

Christmas is a nice time to spend with family and friends.

Have you ever seen Santa’s reindeer?

Have you ever seen Rudolph?

Have you ever seen Santa?

Prancer. Dasher. Dancer. Comet. Cupid. Vixen. Donner. Blitzen.


November 29

100 Word Challenge- … we seemed to be on the television…29/11/2018

I used to be a cute little girl aged 10. But I felt like doing something bad. So I decided to rob a bank. I planed all night on robbing the bank. The next day I woke up really early and I made myself look normal. I set of to the closest and biggest bank I could think of. I took a giant empty bag and hid it in my hand bag. I snuck into the bank and stole all the money I could in two minutes. When I got home I saw the police. when I looked on the t.v.… i seemed to be on the television.

November 20




In Ethiopia the climate can be very different. The hottest temperature is 34.6°c, and the coldest temperature is 6°c. The normal temperate is 15.9 degrees. The rainfalls in Ethiopia is in a zone called the tropical zone, below 1830 metres. The hottest place in Ethiopia is Danakil Depression in the northeast.


 There is lots of flora in Ethiopia. Some of the most popular flowers are Rosa Abyssinia, Coffea Arabica, and the African Olive tree. You can also find the tallest tree on Mount Kilimanjaro and the biggest forest is Sheka forest.



There is lots of fauna in Ethiopia including some that can only be found there. Their most common animal in Ethiopia is the Ethiopian Wolf. There are only around 500 of the Ethiopian Wolves. Some other animals that live in Ethiopia are the Gelada, Walia Ibex, Mountain Nyala, Cape Bushbunk and the Yellow Fronted Parrot.



In 2016 the population in Ethiopia was big. The population was 1024 million. After in 2018 the population had grown. The population this time was 104,957,438. Now in 2018 the population is 107,534,882. The most populated city is the capital called Addis Ababa. The population is 3,384,569. On the world rank of population Ethiopia is 12th. There are only 108 people per square km. Ethiopia is the 2nd most populated country in Africa.



There are different landmarks in Ethiopia. Some famous landmarks are Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls. Lake Tana is northwest Plateau. And Blue Nile Falls is in northwest Ethiopia.

Interesting Fact

  • Addis Ababa is the tallest city in Africa. Its height is 2,400 million metres.
  • Ethiopia is located in Eastern Africa.
  • There are over 80 languages spoken in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia has a distinct alphabet.
  • About 70% of mountains in Africa is in Ethiopia.
  • The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months.


  • Addis Ababa- the capital of Ethiopia.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro- a place in Ethiopia.


November 13




The best!

Can’t wait to go swimming!

Summer is the best because it has nice warm days that we can enjoy throughout three month.

The second month of summer is the best part of it.


It’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!


Going to the beach is……




The best.

Especially on warm days.

Always stay long.

Warm sand.

Freezing water.

Happy people.

Best time at the beach ever!



November 13



Holiday are lots of fun because they are full of freedom and fun.

I like the scorching hot sun so I go swimming at the beach.

When I go on holidays I like to eat lots of yummy ice-cream and have lots of fun.