Jacinta The Mean

This girl came into the music room and sat down next to me. She opened up her violin case. Mrs Freckles, the music teacher, asked “who do we have here?”                                                                                                                                                                              “My name is Jacinta,” Jacinta said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I already didn’t like her, so I went to her locker and took all her marble balls. At home I put the marble balls into cement. The next day I sneakily put the marble balls into Jacinta’s locker. Jacinta saw the stack marble balls in her locker and threw them. Then Jacinta took more marble balls out so I never keep a spear seat next to me.


The New Rainbow Planet!

Jenny was a little girl how loved out of space. She also, nearly always, thought about the futter. She also loved science, school and experiments. Her parents were famous scientist, so she got the idea from them. But there was one question she always asked. It was “will there ever be a new plant?” “Well, how knows?” jenny thought to herself.


Years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds went past. On the day of Jenny’s 18th birthday, a new planet came from nowhere. Jenny’s present was to see it. That night jenny and her parents gazed at the incredible planet.



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The Scary Thunder Storm 100 WC

Boom! Bang! “Ahhh, there’s thunder outside!” Polly screamed.                                                                                                        Molly and Polly were freeked out by the thunder. They both hated thunder storms. They blocked their ears and squeezed each other tightly with their legs.                                                                                                                                                            “Molly, what time is it?” Polly asked. Molly replied, “What did you say? I can’t hear you.”                                                                 So Polly asked again, “what time is it?                                                                                                                                                        This time Molly heard her and replied, “It’s 7:30.”                                                                                                                               Molly and Polly couldn’t sleep in till 9:00. They finally fell asleep together at 9:30.


So the next day the storm stopped and they saw lots of broken branches and fallen down trees.

The end!



The Rainbow Lorrikeet! 100 WC

One peaceful sunny day a girl called Chloe went for a walk. She was coming back home. When she got back home, she saw a rainbow lorikeet.  ….. “When did it arrive?” I said. I thought for a while. But then I thought that I didn’t need to know. Or do I? When i was going up to the bird, mum came. Hello mummy! I asked mum”is that rainbow lorikeet for me?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mum replied,”this is a present for you.”                                                                                                                                                            “You can name it whatever you want.”                                                                                                                                                                So I named it Zoe and i took it out of the cage.

The end!

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

Mum, what is that? “Molly, I don’t quite know,” Said mum. “I think it is a dragon fruit. Let’s just call it dragon fruit.”” Can I try one?” “I would like to try one”. “Here you go Molly, try one”.” Yummy,” said Molly. “Come on, let’s go to the shops and get some more”. “How much are we getting,” asked Molly? “As much as you want”. “I want to buy 100″.” That’s too much,”Said Molly’s mum. Let’s get 15. “Yes.” ”  Come on then. Let’s go go go.”

Quick, their closing soon. It will be $10. Let’s go home. This is yummy.

The end!

What? 100 WC

One sunny afternoon there was a little girl called Bella. Bella was usually a nice calm girl. But one day she did something that she thought was okay….however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. “Oh no, what did I do?” yelled Bella.

She broke her favourite doll. She got that doll when she was 2 years old, she loved that doll.

Bella told her mum and her  mum said “it’s okay, I can try to fix it.”  Bella felt relived .

“But when can you fix it, mum,” Bella asked. Mum replied, “tomorrow.”

So the next day, mum fixed the doll.


The Very Old Sculpture 100 WC

5:00am       1900                                   Made-Up Story

Once upon a time, in the olden days, there were lots of people that built thousands of different sculptures. The best sculpture was built by a famous man called Josh Baker.

The great, big, tall sculpture was a picture of an gun with a piece of rope at the end. It stood there, oh so nicely.

That sculpture was the most propeller in Australia. “Do you want to guess how much people visited this in 118 years?” Well, I have no idea. I’ll guess a lot.

I am thinking what is this sculpture meant to be?

The end!

Puppies and Dogs

New Born Puppies

  • Puppies are born blind, deaf and toothless.
  • Puppies sleep for about fourteen hours a day.


Adult Dogs

  • Adult dogs have 42 teeth.
  • You have to take the dog for a walk two times a day at least.

Foods That Dogs Can’t Eat


Dogs can’t eat macadamia nuts, chocolate, raisin and avocado.

If dogs would eat one of these things, they would feel unwell or maybe be sick.

No chocolate for you little doggy!



The Sparkly Clean House

Once there was a half messy and a half clean family. Henry and Bella were siblings. They had a dog called Stella. Henry, Bella and Stella were the messy ones in the house so that meant that Mum and Dad were the clean ones in the house.

One day Bella’s Mum came in Bella’s room, and mum said ; “what a horrible mess! “She was terrified. So she said; “Bella, came and clean your room.””but mum,i am to busy watching video games.”Bella replied.” Come here Bella and clean your room, Said Mum crossly. So Bella came and started cleaning.

So now Mum went to Henry’s room. It was an even bigger mess. So Mum said; “Henry, come here right now and clean your room.” Mum was always angry at Henry because he never listened to Mum or Dad.

So that evening the kids cleaned their rooms. Then mum started cleaning Stella the dogs bed. It was the messiest of all.

The next day the house was sparkly clean. That day they went to the park to play so they would not make a mess. So that night they celebrated and had a big feast because the house was clean.

So from that day when they played they cleaned up after them self straight away.


Books Vs TV

Reading interesting books is better than watching boring TV  because it is lodes healthier. Watching TV can ruin some of your good eye sight and you might need to wear terrible but useful glasses.

Another reason is that fantastic non-fiction books can help you learn about interesting people, places and other things. Fiction books have incredible made up stories and they can have interesting, fun, exiting and surprising.

Also, when you read you see new words and that can help you with your writing and spelling. It’s good to be cleaver.

My last reason is that you will know more words and you will be more clever than people who watch TV all day. So my reasons why i think reading is better than TV is that you will be more healthier, it helps you with your spelling and writing and you will learn more words.