Descriptive Paragraph 3

The beautiful plant growing in that unusual coloured blue and a snow white pot plant. The nice plant was growing and growing in dirt. It kind of looks like a palm tree. It was not too big and not too small. It was the just right size. The pattern on the pot plant was a really nice wavy pattern. It was nicely painted evenly.

Descriptive Paragraph 2

The sparkly rainbow sculpture was sitting on the white semi circle table. Some bits were pointy, some bits were smooth and some bits were rough. It kind of looks like a giant star that has little buttons in the middle. It was all different colours and had drawings. some bits were sparkly and some were plain. It looks really heavy but its actually quite light.

Descriptive Paragraph 1

The beautiful bird was sitting on a fine looking bird stand. The bird was looking spectacular in the colourful background. The fantastic colours were the best I could imagine. The bird was facing us like it saw us. It’s face was white and the colours he had were red, white, yellow, green, blue, silver and black.

The Panda That Loved Butterflies!

One night I dreamed about a panda that loved butterflies. The panda gazed at the goldy yellow butterflies flying right above him. It looked like the panda was in a blue cave or in water with little lights shaped in a circle. It was such an amazing dream.




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Top 10 Things To Do With Your BFF

You can:

1.Be together as long as you can.

2.Have lots of fun together.

3.Have play dates together.

4. Make up a secret long handshake.

5. Give each other presents.

6.Go to the park.

7. Play together nicely.

8. Have sleepovers and midnight feasts together.

9. Play the same games and have no fights together.

10. Be BFFS!

100 Word Challenge

“Madison!”I shouted.                                                                                                                                                                                   I got a new dog last week and it already loves me. My parents let me pick the name and not my annoying little sister Lily. I called her Madison and Madison didn’t love lily so much. Everyday I came back from school, Madison would always be waiting for me at the door.but one day when I came back from school I opened the front door and I didn’t see Madison. I looked for her everywhere but I still couldn’t find her. Then Lily noticed that we didn’t look in the garden. We looked and she was there.


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Camp Wyuna Recount

On Monday the 13th of august the 3/4’s were going leaving to camp. I was pretty sure that everyone was really exited for camp. When the buses were here I saw Sadie was really sad. I was sad to leave my mum too.

On the bus I first sat next to Elina. She showed me some of her cool stuff and it was really fun on the bus.

I was in the sharks group and our first activity was the natures pizza oven. In that activity we learnt how to make pizzas and we even made the dough. We made the dough from flour, water, sugar, salt and yeast. It was really fun.

After the sharks did the team initiatives. The activity was about going on the whale watcher and going on the obstacle course with the rock climbing.

The next day the first activity was going to the beach and playing beach survivor. We also had a plank and we needed to dig a hole underneath big enough so every one could crawl under but you couldn’t touch the plank and there were 2 teams against each other.


Next we went to the marine discovery centre. In there we saw lots of fishes and sea creatures. In the middle there was a rock pool and we could touch the sea creatures in there. It was really fun!

The last activity was the mountain biking. We rode to Point Lonsdale and we also played a game.




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The Fuzzy Lost Cat! 100 Word Challenge

On my ninth birthday I went to the park with my mum. My mum and I sat under a tree and found a cute fuzzy cat. I really liked it so I asked my mum if I could keep it. But my mum said no. So I begged my mum if I could keep it. Then she said I could keep the little fuzzy cat only if I would listen to her forever and asked everyone in the park if the cat belongs to them. Everyone said the cat didn’t belong to them. So the fuzzy cat was mine forever.

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Sentence Fluency (by myself)

Exercise is good for you because it gives energy. It is a way to work off stress. You can make your body stronger and everyone should exercise.

Today I went to the park because I wanted to play on the swings. I jumped on the trampoline and played with other kids. After I got really dirty, so I went home to change.